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Cathy Watts

Mostly retired physiotherapist who is interested in a safe cycling infrastructure in Saskatoon for my grandchildren and other vulnerable cyclists in a city that has the potential to be the best year round cycling city in the world! My bike is an agent of social change. I love travels near and far cycling with my husband. The Trans Canada Trail is my passion for connecting Canadians by active transportation.

Éric Lefol

Eric is a year-round commuter cyclist, a summer mountain-biker, and summer road-biker. Born and raised in Europe, Eric calls Saskatoon his home since 1993. He considers Saskatoon is the perfect city for biking, but wishes cycling infrastructure would be more developed to the image of some other Canadian or European cities. He is a strong promoter of all cycling activities among his family and friends. Eric believes that a bicycle is a therapy device, a stress control tool, a social life enhancer, as well as an efficient means of locomotion. On a professional level, Eric is a consultant in Community Development, and believes he could bring some of his skills to help promote cycling in Saskatoon. Eric and his wife Laurette are the lucky parents of a 5-boy team, and they host a flock of velocipedes in their garage.

Tania Hercun

Tania is a relatively new member of the community. Her family moved to Saskatoon in the Fall of 2011 after living in Yellowknife, NT for 6 years. She worked as an engineer in the north before starting her family, and she is currently at home with 3 young children. Limiting the use of their family vehicle is a family value, and walking and biking are always the preferred method to transport her family around the city. She is excited to be involved with Saskatoon Cycle.

Rod McLaren

My return to Saskatoon two years ago has coincided with a renewed interest in cycling out of sheer enjoyment and the physical fitness that cycling promotes as well as an environmentally friendly means of transportation. I have enjoyed cycling in the city and would like to see if there are ways that I can help others enjoy the same experience.

Ted Popel

Originally from Amherstburg, Ontario, with a background in Architectural Design, Ted has relocated to Saskatoon following a suspended career in the automotive industry. During his time in Ontario Ted has served on the local Heritage Planning Committee as well as the Parks Committee. One highlight of this involvement was his initiative of a Bike-to-Work-Month. Along with biking, additional outdoor activities included sailing, rowing and skiing. Now, calling Saskatoon home, Ted is forging ahead on bicycle alone and no longer owns a car. Quality of life, community and the built environment are the main factors that keeps his interest and are all things that are also supported by Saskatoon Cycles.

Adria Quigley

Adria is a Physical Therapist, Yoga instructor and avid cyclist. She believes that the best way to commute is on two wheels. She is in her third year of winter cycling in Saskatoon and thinks the city needs to incorporate better cycling infrastructure to encourage more people to take the leap of faith into winter cycling! This is her first year on the board of Saskatoon Cycles and she hopes to contribute her knowledge of health promotion and research to the group.

Bike Valet Coordinator

Brian & Sharon Elder, retired – ha!

Brian-Sharon-ElderFor the 3rd year, I/we have taken on the Bike Valet Coordinator position, the most fun job ever. For 25 years, we owned/operated a fly in fishing lodge in northern Saskatchewan, working & playing together has worked for 44 years of marriage. I was born in Saskatoon, lived away for 35 years and am proud to be back - this is home, no matter how much we roam.

The bike valet offers the perfect blend of opportunities – weight training while hauling the equipment, attending great events, being with the wonderful volunteers and being involved in the cycling community evolution. Then, there is my horse (Cashew), his “Redwing” motorcycle, walking Rube (dog), travel (mountain climbing in Cuba Jan 2014), sewing, heavy duty mechanics, skiing, reading and, and, and . . .

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